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  • Tunable LASERs

TEKHNOSCAN Joint-Stock company conducts research and development as well as manufacturing of lasers (solid-state, dye, fiber, hybrid) and laser-related products for a variety of scientific, technological, and other applications. Our product line includes complete laser systems, lasers, laser components and accessories. The main products of Tekhnoscan are tunable Ti:Sapphire lasers (single-frequency, frequency-stabilized, narrow-line, intracavity frequency-doubled, femtosecond), Dye lasers (single-frequency, frequency-stabilised, narrow-line, intracavity frequency-doubled, pulsed), direct-diode-pimped Yb:KGW lasers (femtosecond, picosecond, narrow-line), fiber lasers (Yb, Er), and specialized laser equipment (resonant frequency doublers, scanning interferometers, auto-correlators, laser power meters, etc.). Please, see also our New Products section. Tekhnoscan makes direct shipments of the laser products both within Russia and abroad. The Company provides set-up of delivered products at the customer's site, training of personnel, as well as full warranty and post-warranty service. Laser equipment manufactured at our company was installed and is extensively used at numerous scientific and technological organizations in Russia, USA, Canada, Germany, France, India, China, Japan, South Korea, and other countries.

Tekhnoscan was founded in 1993 on the basis of the Laser Systems Laboratory within the State University of Novosibirsk. Currently, Tekhnoscan holds the status of a small R & D enterprise with the Novosibirsk State University. The Company forms a part of the University Techno-park and is essentially a spin-out of Laser Systems Laboratory at the Novosibirsk State University.