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High Power CW 532 nm DPSS Lasers
Compact laser head with SealTMenclosure for long life! me
LockTTMoptics mounting for permanent laser alignment
Long life! me diode pack fiber-coupled to laser head
Low noise <0.03% rms with Noise Elimination Technology
Excellent long-term power stability <0.5% rms over 24 hours
Closed-loop, purpose-built TEC chiller integrated in power supply
5, 6, 8 10, 12, and 15 W versions

Pumping Ti:Sapphire lasers: ultrafast & continuous-wave
Pumping dye lasers
Flow cytometry
Solar cell processing
Medical diagnostics
Film subtitling

SproutTMis a compact, diode-pumped solid-state (DPSS) laser providing high-power, continuous-wave (CW) power at 532nm in a near- perfect TEMoo mode with extremely low optical noise and excellent long-term stability. SproutTMis truly a next-generation laser designed and manufactured using many years of experience to provide a sealed, turn-key source of collimated green light with high spectral purity. A number of key technologies enable SproutTMto guarantee this performance. SealTMtechnology keeps all dirt, dust and moisture out of the laser head to provide years of uninterrupted usage without need for cleaning or maintenance. LockTTMtechnology locks all cavity optics permanently in perfect alignment. Finally, for those applications requiring near-zero optical noise, Noise Elimination Technology (NETTM) is the solution.

The laser head is a monolithic 3-dimensional design for ruggedness and compactness to minimize the space consumed in your lab or instrument. The fiber-coupled pump diode package, contained in the power supply, has an expected lifetime of more than 20,000 hours to minimize cost-of-ownership. The power supply also contains an integrated thermo-electrically-cooled (TEC) chiller. The chiller is designed specifically for this application to provide ncreased reliability and reduced overall system footprint. Additional features include automatic laser power control and both USB and RS-232 interfaces for external monitoring and control. SproutTMis a state-of-the-art laser designed for today's applications. It combines superb performance and tremendous value for today's market.

Laser Output
Sprout-G-5W Sprout-G-6W Sprout-G-8W Sprout-G-10W S-G-12W S-G-15W
Average Output Power > 5 w > 6 w > 8 w > 10 w > 12 w > 15 w
Wavelength 532 nm
Spectral Purity2 > 99.9%
Spatial Mode TEMoo
Beam Quality (M2) 1.0 - 1.1
Beam Ellipticity < 1.0 : 1.1
Beam Diameter3 2.3 mm 10%
Beam Divergence4 < 0.5 mrad
Pointing Stability5 < 2
Power Stability5 < 0.25 % rms
Noise7 Standard version: < 0.2 % rms
Low noise (NET) version: < 0.03 % rms
Polarization > 100:1 vertical