• We shape light and make it usable for industry and research! With precision optical components and efficient beam shaping solutions!

• For years, the LIMO GmbH has been an international leader in the field of efficient beam shaping. At our headquarters in Dortmund, Germany, an interdisciplinary team made up of more than 200 engineers, physicists, technicians and a host of other specialized employees works together to develop and to produce:

Optical components: We manufacture our components on wafers, producing thousands of lenses from high-grade glass and crystals in a single process step. For consistently high levels of quality and functionality.

• Beam shaping systems: Compact modules with integrated micro-optics systems can be implemented in existing production equipment and enable reliable process management.

• Comprehensive optical solutions: Complete linear beam shaping systems and diode laser solutions allow materials and surfaces to be processed rapidly, across wide surface areas and with superior productivity.

As soon as the company was founded in 1992, it became clear that our technological innovations would alter the industrial and research landscape significantly. And in the span of just a few years, we established ourselves as the market leader in the field of refractive micro-optics. Within a short time, we then expanded our product portfolio by developing high-performance diode lasers and beam shaping systems for all types of lasers.

The experience and highly specialized knowledge gained from this formative period serve as the foundation for our success and the basis of our focus on the future. With these tools, we work together closely with our customers and partners of different industries (e.g. semiconductor manufacturing, flat-panel display production, automotive industry) to constantly develop new beam shaping concepts and solutions. The insights derived from this process have allowed us to successfully combine our micro-optics design and laser systems competencies with our materials processing know-how.

Our mission: we are able to expand the potential of light, allowing it to be harnessed technically and cost-efficiently for individual applications in both industry and research. This in turn unlocks entirely new dimensions in industrial production processes that can be summed up in a single phrase: Every photon. In the right place, at the right time.

Since March 2017 LIMO is part of the Focuslight group besides Focuslight Technologies Inc.. Within the company group, LIMO is the driver of optics and beam shaping innovations whereas Focuslight Technologies Inc. focuses on development and production of high power diode lasers.