Elas team

Since its beginning in 2010, the company has aimed at production of high performance advanced solutions. New ideas, broad knowledge of its engineers and physicists have made it possible to create an exclusive company.

Backed by Applied Research Laboratories (FTMC, LTC, VU FF, KTU) and our partners we offer micromachining solutions with nano-, pico- and femto- second lasers. Detailed analysis of ultra short pulse laser micromachining allows us to offer you effective laser micromachining solutions for many modern applications.

We specialize in material ablation, cutting, drilling, direct writing, surface structuring and other applications.

While many expect, that the shorter the laser pulse, the better is machining result, our experts advise which type of laser micromachining is best suited for particular application in terms of quality, speed and economy.

Our vision: to develop the best on the market laser radiation based engineering systems for Science and Industry. Our efficiency shall be an example to our competitors.